Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Gucci goes Indie

While Aztec prints stormed the Burberry runway it seemed the iconic blazer was a staple at Gucci. However, gone had its cliché sailor-esque intentions, replaced with a much more indie influenced edge circa Liam Gallagher. Yes, Gucci’s usually strict tailoring was stripped down to bare essentials leaving only skinny fitted trousers, sleek bomber jackets and the occasional oversized pair of sunglasses. It happened to be the contrast in colour scheme that stood out the most to an eagerly anticipating audience, swapping from muted tones to a vampiric red in the form of lightweight trench coats and even a leather man bag! Something tells me vibrant colour will be on trend for a couple more seasons to come.

Despite conforming to a younger age demographic, Gucci still retained a hint of its beloved formality with crisp white shirts and the infamous black bow tie ending the show. Not to mention the Prince of Wales checked jackets, perfectly in tune for the love of British Monarchy that is currently sweeping the continents. Was it a stereotypically summery collection? Not really. But it was definitely delectable and oh so charming.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Here come the girls

When Judd Apatow announced he was producing a comedy featuring 5 women as the main characters I can ensure you everyone had a good chuckle. Women and comedy? I’m sure the general consensus of the mass public would find that hilariously funny before concocting an in-depth joke about sexism and kitchens. After all, nothing can be classed as a comedy unless it features a group of men, blindingly drunk and making lewd remarks about arses can it? Well film critics were, at the least, astounded when ‘Bridesmaids’ hit cinema screens in May, combining the sheer hilarity of Kristen Wiig’s impeccable character acting with the laborious task of being a Maid of Honour. Scene after scene her life is slowly being destroyed as she attempts to be as perfect as the iridescent and superbly dressed Helen (Rose Byrne).

I went to see Bridesmaids last night expecting nothing less than perfection. I can guarantee I was still amazed at how good it was. Did I stop laughing? No. Did I nearly choke on Lucozade a total of 5 times? Yes. Discounting Kerry Katona I’ve never laughed at one woman’s misfortune as much in my whole life. It was a powerful display of female comedians in all their superiority, bouncing off each other as though they were part of an improv group (coincidentally the majority of them were!). It would be cliché to say I “rofled” at this film but sadly I did, I rofled a lot! I don’t really rate movies very frequently here at Keeping-it-Fierce but if I did, low and behold, Bridesmaids would definitely take the star prize.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Versace + H&M = One hell of a collaboration!

It's a poignant moment when designers take in to account the high street, after all we can't all afford a thousand pound coat without taking out a second mortgage. So when Donnatella Versace announced this week that she would be collaborating with retail giant H&M I was a little bit ecstatic. Alber Elbaz, the creative genius behind Lanvin, pulled out an eclectic mix of bold coloured dresses and handcrafted t-shirts last year which literally flew off the shelf, so Mrs Versace has a lot to live up to. There's no doubt in my mind she'll surpass expectations with her famed bodicon dresses and studded leather garments that come in to stock this autumn. With promises of "bold prints" and "elegance" the result is bound to be show stopping. Along with the 40 commissioned women's pieces 20 will be produced for the fashion conscious male including sleek blazers and mesh t-shirts. Let's just hope the price tags are a little kinder than those of the original line...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

And they're off!

In all honesty I loathe mens fashion week, it’s an uninteresting surplus of designer clothing at ridiculous prices. Imagination is left at the door and the reoccurring thought “I could get something far nicer from Topman…” replays in my brain. That’s why when all the ‘fun’ began in Milan today I wasn’t at all surprised while viewing the Dolce & Gabbana show. Tuxedo style suits with the odd sheer short to differentiate, something they produce EVERY season. But in the spirit of fashion, and with requests from blog viewers, I decided that this week I would feature a couple of collections that did spark my interest. Don’t expect much, but who knows there might be a hidden trend or two!

Burberry Prorsum’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection immediately engaged my attention with its palette of earthy colours, not something we’re used to for “summer” but y’all know I love a good bit of contrast. Mustard collided with dark browns in the forms of light, knitted jumpers and casual striped t-shirts while chinos once again reigned supreme, cementing their longevity. However, it was the Aztec like prints that really stood their ground on the catwalk, a major contender for what the high street will be stocking come this time next year. Possibly my favourite piece was the workman’s overcoat, slightly oversized but perfect for our unpredictable British weather! Think I’ll pass on the hats though…

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Discuss, Debate, Dispute: Cheryl Cole VS...Everyone?

She was the nation’s sweetheart, a title that spoke of more glamour than the Queen and credited film stars. Nobody could resist swooning over her eclectic fashion choices or body popping to her energetic (if slightly auto tuned) hits. Yes, Cheryl Cole had abolished her council estate reputation and replaced it with contracts for glossy hair extensions; there wasn’t a billboard in sight that didn’t have her gleeful smile splattered all over it. So what went wrong? Just as she was becoming an icon everything changed, right after she accepted a position on American X-Factor. To be fair it was doomed from the start, not only had her classically British pop songs never surfaced in the states her Geordie accent (possibly the only remnant of Newcastle she had yet to shift) was confusing to the British public let alone 10 million American’s who say “Fawcett” and “Rotary”. Somehow I felt skeptical that they would understand the term “why aye lad!” and as presumed she lasted a week. Furious at being dropped without even a chance she stormed back to Britain in the hopes that she’d be welcomed back with placards stating “don’t worry lass, you’re right up our street!”. Instead she returned to a bevy of media backlash, the majority stating how everything was an act in order to further increase her popularity in Britain.

Needless to say it didn’t all work out, after all the British aren’t too fond of scams, do I need to remind you of Charles Ingrams' “cough gate” that shook Who Wants to be a Millionaire? So as Nicole Scherzinger ever so conveniently sits in for Chezza, who also declined the option to return to X-Factor UK, it seems that this aforementioned status as the nation’s sweetheart has been tossed aside. Well until she releases a new album that includes tracks titled “take me back” and “something old, someone new” and we all revert back to cradling her ego in our arms and forgiving the fact that she effectively blew us out for a bigger market. But what can you do? The British may hate a scam but they love a good ugly duckling to beautiful swan transformation, Susan Boyle anyone?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hermione who?

Anna Wintour has, and always will be, at the forefront of fashion. She knows the logistics of what’s in and out, she knows the ever so important “who’s who” of every industry, but most importantly she knows what sells a magazine. In this case it’s celebrities. Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy indulging in the private life of someone far more glamorous than they could ever hope to be? Feeling that little bit better when they pair faded dungarees with clumpy boots and are named and shamed in all the gossip magazines. I know I do, and it was Miss Wintour who first tapped in to this elusive market, deciding that each month a celebrity would dazzle the cover of American Vogue. Sadly, though a very fruitful endeavor, this also lead to numerous covers of Gwyneth Paltrow trying to smile and ending up looking constipated. But that all changed this month as Emma Watson slicked back her pixie cut, bleached her lips with the darkest of red and jumped in to some gorgeously embellished dresses. Can you say fabulous?! The raggedy tussled locks and prim proper nature of Hermione Granger have been abolished (thank god) stepping in her place is a young girl of model capability, flaunting fashion like a pro. For once I’m really not interested in the parallel story, I’d much rather just look at the pretty pictures!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jason Wu: Resort 2012

It seems like only yesterday I was blogging about Jason Wu’s 2011 Pre-Fall collection, a sumptuous blend of high waisted trousers and structured shirts. So with the resort collections piling in it was Mr Wu’s that once again took my fancy. This time round he had continued his reign of tailored garments while adding in the extra element of sportswear, quite a tricky trend to tackle. When envisaging ‘sportswear’ one connotes ideas of ill fitting “trackie bottoms” or the occasional velour tracksuit (thanks Juicy Couture) but thankfully it was far from that. Feminine suits were updated with tailored shorts while on the opposite side of the spectrum tennis-esque jumpers played down the formality of a collared shirt. It was this contrast between occasion that made the collection so endearing and very wearable for a number of events. His renowned attention to detail was highlighted in belted cotton trench coats with fabric paneling, reminiscent of those seen at Burberry Prorsum but still very individual. It was the splash of colour that reinforced the ‘resort’ statement with electric yellows and summery corals covering bags, belts and shoes. Judging by this collection we’re in for a very smart, but cheerful season. Wimbledon anyone?