Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Gucci goes Indie

While Aztec prints stormed the Burberry runway it seemed the iconic blazer was a staple at Gucci. However, gone had its cliché sailor-esque intentions, replaced with a much more indie influenced edge circa Liam Gallagher. Yes, Gucci’s usually strict tailoring was stripped down to bare essentials leaving only skinny fitted trousers, sleek bomber jackets and the occasional oversized pair of sunglasses. It happened to be the contrast in colour scheme that stood out the most to an eagerly anticipating audience, swapping from muted tones to a vampiric red in the form of lightweight trench coats and even a leather man bag! Something tells me vibrant colour will be on trend for a couple more seasons to come.

Despite conforming to a younger age demographic, Gucci still retained a hint of its beloved formality with crisp white shirts and the infamous black bow tie ending the show. Not to mention the Prince of Wales checked jackets, perfectly in tune for the love of British Monarchy that is currently sweeping the continents. Was it a stereotypically summery collection? Not really. But it was definitely delectable and oh so charming.


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